Ripon and Wetherby Tutors and Tuition

Tuition in Ripon and Wetherby imgPrivate tuition by experienced Ripon and Wetherby based graduate teachers / tutors

Our group has been together for fifteen years and we have attracted the best tutors in the Ripon and Wetherby area. We cover all school subjects, at all levels including Primary, SATS, Secondary, GCSE and A Levels.

Private Tuition Throughout Yorkshire

Our tutors achieve high grades, but we also help those who maybe having difficulties or struggling at a particuler subject. As a group we are spread across most of Yorkshire and cover York, Ripon, Wetherby, Harrogate,Thirsk, Tadcaster, Selby, Malton, Boroughbridge, Easingwold, Knaresborough, Pocklington and surrounding areas.

Lessons can be in your own home. All teachers / tutors are police and CRB checked and a lot of them are examiners and senior examiners with the main examination boards. There are term and holiday revision courses, if that helps

All Major Subjects Covered

History, Geography, Geology, Psychology, Religious, Studies, Philosophy and Ethics, Economics and Business Studies, Sociology, Health and Social Care, Politics and Government, Law and any other courses are all covered by our teachers and tutors.
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English Literature and Langauge Tuition

primary, GCSE and A level tuition in Ripon and wetherby

English Language and English Literature is the basis for all our written work through the school years and onto University. A student who communicates well on paper is one who does so in al of their written subjects, so written Englishis perhaps the most important skill.
At Primary level most of our teachers are female, very understanding and kind. They achieve improvement by making lessons fun as well as focusing on written improvement.
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Science Tuition

Science is studied at school from the Primary level, through Secondary School to GCSE and A-Level. We cover Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Coordinated Science at all the levels covered in Primary and Secondary schools, including the new International Baccalaureate examinations at GCSE and A-Level.
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Maths Tuition

Mathematics is covered by the school curriculum from very early Primary Key Stage 1, through Primary Key Stage 2, when SATs examinations occur at Year 6 and then on through Secondary School, peaking at Year 11 GCSE examinations and on into A/S and A/2 Maths exams in the First and second Year of Sixth Form.
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Language Tutors and Tuition

Our French, Spanish, German teachers are all Senior Examiners and really are top class individual teachers. We do also cover Italian, Latin, Russian and other languages.
Many of our teachers/tutors have over twenty years of school experience and their role as Senior Examiners gives students the chance to benefit from the teacher's long experience of the correct methods used to gain perfect marks.
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Tutor prices in Ripon and Wetherby

Private Tuition Prices

There are no hidden fees and lessons are £30 an hour at Primary and GCSE and £35 an hour at A Level. No contracts, the work is done on a weekly basis.
Our teachers are kind and understanding, helpful and very professional.
There are holiday revision courses on a one to one or small group basis, also.

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